director of Amnesty International Poland

Agata Szydłowska

Design writer, curator and educator. She works at the Department of Design History and Theory at the Faculty of Design of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. She also collaborates with Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology. She graduated art history from the Warsaw University and she continued her education at the Graduate School for Social Research at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences. She is an author of books and articles about graphic design as well as exhibitions in Poland and abroad.


Marjatta Itkonen, born in Helsinki, Finland. Graphic designer, professor emerita. She studied graphic design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. She did her masters studies at Henryk Tomaszewski's poster studio and graduated in 1976. Her design experience as a graphic designer comes from her own Studio Viiva where she worked more than two decades. She has been a board member of Finnish Graphic Designers Association Grafia and a board member of Finnish design magazine Muoto. She has participated in many graphic design juries in Finland and abroad. Professor of graphic design, Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture, 2002-2014. She is also involved with projects that are part of MA studies.


Jerzy Skakun

works with Joanna Górska. Graduated from the painting faculty of Fine Arts Academy in Gdansk. From 2003 they have been working in their own graphic studio named Homework. They design posters, work on printing graphics and graphic works for cultural events. Their works were exhibited (among other places) in Paris, Berlin, Oslo, Mexico, Sophia and Hong Kong. They are prizewinners of several competitions. The most important of their achievements are: gold medal for Poster Biennial in Mexico, Grand Prix for the Akobi calendar in VIDICAL competition, 1st prize at AMS competition “Be wise, read the press”, and also The Józef Mroszczak Honorary Award at XXI Poster Biennial in Warsaw. Joanna Górska and Jerzy Skakun work with cultural institutions such as: National Museum in Warsaw, Powszechny theater, Museum of the History of Polish Jews Polin, New Horizons Association, Mañana, Pulaski Museum in Warka and Polish Theater in Bydgoszcz.


Laze Tripkov

Born in 1978. Laze Tripkov has began his studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje in 1996, and in 1998 after receiving scholarship continues his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. In 2002 gained a Masters Degree in Poster Design, and in 2003 attended one-year post-master’s internship at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz (department of Design and New Media).
In 2003 as a Fulbright scholar initiates a research related to the role of the symbols and iconography of the Balkan region, in the context of Balkan conflicts.
President and founder of PLAKART – Association for Graphic Design in Macedonia, Member of ICO-D since 2014, founder of Skopje Design Week and partner till 2013. He was a member of the jury of many renowned events including the 13th Biennale of Theatre Poster in Rzeszow, Poland; Virtual Poster Biennale in Prague; Poster for tomorrow, Paris; Education for innovation, Istanbul, Turkey; member of the program council of the Warsaw Biennale...
As an added incentive for successful promotion of the values of art and design in 2013 he was appointed by the Minister of culture as National coordinator for culture and Creative Industries Council of Macedonia. 


Lecturer at School of Scenography, Bologna Academy of Fine Arts where he runs a Scenography   and Stage Technology course. Nicola has been working as scenographer since 1991, collaborating with numerous Italian and international theatres, including Compagnia del Teatro dell’Argine/ITC Teatro, Teatro Rebis and Fondazione Teatro Goldoni. 

In 1997 Nicola co-founded Cantharide theatre group with actress/director Elena Galeotti. He has also created an open-air installation called Grandi Ferite in Mirandola that was part of a larger project for a city destroyed by an earthquake in 2012.

He is involved in many civic, socially-oriented projects that focus mainly on the refugees issue. One of them is a City Ghettos of Today project produced by Strefa WolnoSlowa - Nicola designed the scenography for Caliban’s Voice - the spectacle presented at Museum of the History of Immigration in Paris that launched the project in 2014. He's also an author of numerous films and collaborated on many shot by other directors.