Fine arts and design schools from all over the world take part in the competition.
Students do their research, draw inspirations from talking to others and then design stunning, touching posters about the refugee issue.
They send them to the following e-mail:
International jury struggles to make the right decision and chooses 10 best posters.
Authors of awarded posters immediately provide Competition Holders with files suitable for print. 
Competition Holders forward awarded posters to every school that joined the competition.
Every school that takes part in the competition prints those 10 awarded posters and puts together an exhibition. 
Best students' posters about refugees in Europe are everywhere!

> for more details visit "rules"

Every institution of culture (or any other friendly organisation or place) is welcome to join us!
If You're interested in exhibiting best posters or you just want to support us as a partner
– please contact us at: